Monday, July 25, 2011

O.K. done eating

Allright, lets get back at it.  Now, when I left off, I was speaking in reference of Watchdog Kennel & Blue Pit Bulls.  This may seem a little confusing, so I might as well start with my experience with the breed.  I was first introduced to the APBT in the early 90's through Bonnie & Bill Yoho of ACME Kennel.  Bonnie & Bill were located in Central Oh, and breed a Carver (Lloyd's Ch. Gator strain) Red Devil Corvino (Mike Norrod's Ironline) cross.  My 1st dog was a male I  named Raider.  He grew to be a "catchweight" dog, weighing in at a whopping 75 lbs!

My introduction to this breed taught me a quick & valuable lesson about it's followers.  #1. They were distrustfull of strangers & #2. They were predomnately white, and didn't care for blacks or hispanics comming into the group.  It is my opinion that the Am Bully we currently see today grew out of this culture.  I remember speaking to a Pit Bull owner at a show who told me," Casey Courtier breeds alot of dogs to make alot of money."

I feel that many urban blacks and hispanic's, were sold Blue Am Staff/Pit Bull crosses.  Being shunned by old school "Dog men", and not given proper direction, they decided to create the Pit Bull in their own image. And thus we end up with the current Gotti/Razor's Edge bloodlines of dogs.  A big, bulky, behemoth of a dog, that resembles a show type Bulldog in body type, with the head of a APBT.  (Allthough alot more jowly)

 What was interesting to me was, the culture & following that goes with this breed.  I'm 43 years old, and have a pretty good carrer.  It amazes me the ammout of seemingly "expendable money" young people have nowadays.  Remember the "Rice burner" trend in cars after the release of the Fast & Furious movies? Every white kid in america gobbled up 4 cylinder Japanese cars, put on a loud exhaust & began tinkering.  That was followed by this whole "Rims" craze, where whole magazines were dedicated to customizing old 70's & 80's cars.  Apparently these Am Bullies have fallen right into this faction of the culture.  As there are publications out there that devote themselves to this lifetsyle and breed of dog.  I'd breifly followed Atwon Patton's Pitfall Kennels in Ga.  This guy DEFINATELY has the "Am Bully" type dog.  Allthough he has been breeding for years, and pretty much has the readies available to establish his own line.  If you go to his website, his list of clints if filled with famous black celebrities.  I know for a fact that his pups start at $2,500 to $3,000. and with the people he sells to, money is not an object so...............more power to him.  Well, there's my two cents.  Weigh in and let me know what you think.  Love to hear from you!

what is it with Am Bullies?

Howdy ya'll!  If you've clicked onto this Blog 1st and foremost let me say "Thank you!"  Secondly, let me say that any and everything can be said here.  I'm not easy to offend so if you have something on your'e mind.............LET IT OFF!  The point of this blog is to talk about the current trend of the Am Bully.  Not familar with them?  Well, lets start with what I know.
Pictured above is my 10 month old Amercian Pit Bull Terrier Bella.  She is the 3rd one I've owned in my life.  So, what is a Pit Bull exactly?  Well, I guess that depends upon who you ask.  How bout if I explain what I think a Pit Bull is?  Guess that's as good a place to start as any.

The American Pit Bull Terrier- (Henceforth reffered to as APBT) is the direct descendant of the orginal Bulldog of England.  They are normally bred for "Gameness" as oposed to a certain "look" like show dogs.  There are several establised bloodlies out there, and for the lucky few that have them the dogs are kept sacred, and the lines protected.  Some of which include Colby, Carver, Boudreaux, Corvino, Greenwood & Loposay just to name a few.  Dogs along these lines are mostly registered through the ADBA.

The Amercian Stafordshire Terrier-Here we have a dog that actually started out as a Pit Bull.  The late great Louis P. Colby in an attempt to gain popularity with the breed, got the AKC to recognize them as a breed.  However, the AKC would not accept pit fighting at all, and instead began to tout the breed as a "Home gaurdian & family companion."  As such, a more stocky, larger version of the dog was sought after for breeding purposes, rather than focus on gameness, mental soundness & stability. 

Dog registries- I'm sure you've heard of the AKC, UKC and ADBA.  The UKC was the 1st Kennel club in this country to register Pit Bulls.  However in subequent years, cross breedings between the two we considered "O.K.", and still labled as a Pit Bull.  One thing that I noticed in my years with the breed was that there were very few Red Red nosed Am Staff's, and almost no Bule APBT's.  in the late 80's early 90's however, Casy Courtier of Watchdog Kennels began breeding and selling "Blue Pit Bulls."  This dogs were fairly large and super expensive (Considering you could get a good pup back then for $300.00-$400.00) and some of their blood can still be tracked down in breeders yard's today. 

Well, I'm gonna stop here & eat.  Pick this up in a few.